The purpose of the Bursary Fund is to provide financial support to Guelph Home Club competitive skaters who participate in Skate Canada qualifying events. 

The Bursary Fund of the Guelph Skating Club was established in 1977 with funds earned from hosting a national qualifying event that year in Guelph.  This Fund has continued to thrive since that time through various fundraising ventures and financially supports skaters who compete at Sectional, Challenge and National events.  


Skaters who advance to the Skate Ontario STARSkate finals also receive financial assistance through the Bursary Fund.  This Fund reimburses the skater their entry fee to the qualifying competition and the Board will determine, for Skate Canada Challenge and National events, a designated amount to represent the travel distance and length of stay dictated by that season’s competition location.


At the competitive level of training, costs can range from $12,000 - $20,000+/year.  These expenses include:

  • Full-time ice costs

  • Coaching fees

  • Competition outfits

  • Skates

  • Choreography

  • Travel

  • Music

  • Competition fees


Every October the Club hosts a fundraiser for the Bursary Fund where the Club’s competitive skaters are showcased in an intimate venue as a prelude to their initial qualifying competition – this is known as the Club’s annual “Bursary Show".  


Profits made from this Show go back into the Bursary Fund so that present and future skaters may benefit from its support.  Also highlighted in this show are the Club’s Jr. Development Academy skaters, a group of talented, young skaters that have been identified by the Program Director as possessing the early abilities and qualities of a competitive skater.

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