Guelph SC Test Day Guidelines


Thursday, Apr. 21, 2022

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Reminders and Test Day guidelines for all participating skaters and their parents:


  • The Test Day line-up and schedules will be posted on this page, in the main lobby and Mezzanine level bulletin boards one week prior to Test Day. Please check and know your test times.

  • Payment can be made by cash or cheque and is to be submitted to your coach. Total cost is determined by the number of tests that the skater is participating in. Please check with your coach for details.

  • Arrive at the arena a minimum 45 minutes prior to your test time. There is always the risk of no shows, cancellations, or last minute alterations and tests may be running ahead of schedule as a result. If you are in the first group of the day, than 20-30 minutes is sufficient lead-time.

  • Skaters should be wearing appropriate clothing for their test, please check with your coach for instruction.

  • Ensure the skater has had a healthy snack prior to their test time and pack an extra energy bar, water bottle, etc., in the skater’s Zuca bag particularly if the skater will be doing multiple tests.

  • For safety, warm-up off ice before putting on skates.

  • Have an extra pair of skate laces in your bag in case a lace breaks at the wrong time!

  • Get a good night’s rest the day before and have fun!