Fundraising is essential to the successful operation of our club. 


We have various fundraisers throughout the season and your participation is greatly appreciated.


Ontario Promotional Tickets:  This is a mandatory fee that is added, one charge per family, to the program registration fees. The tickets are for a draw that is held each March.  The grand prize this year is a 2020 Nissan Kicks automobile, and there are many other wonderful prizes to be had.  The ticket booklet contains twenty $2.00 tickets that can be sold to recoup your cost.  This is our principal fundraiser of the year. 


All proceeds from these fundraisers go towards the running of Club Programs.

FundScrip:  For more information on how Fundscript fundraising lets you earn cash rebates for GSC based on things you buy every day, click on the Fundscrip logo to the left.

Click, Order Form to print an order form and drop off at the club office for processing.  If you want to place your order online, click the Fundscrip logo above, the Invitation code FUJDGN.  Orders placed online will incur a shipping fee.   If you complete an order form and drop if off at the club office, there is no shipping fee.  Orders processed by the club office are due in the office by 12 noon on December 1; gift cards will be available after December 7 for pick up.